Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up? Please contact us to ensure that we cover your area. We will advise you when we are next in the your area and
add you to our records. If you are after a one-off clean, rather than a regular service, please advise us.

How often is the service? Our service is once every 4 weeks.

What colour bins do you clean? In all areas we cover, we clean the household bin. In many areas we are also able to provide a
service for the recycling bins. Please contact us for confirmation.

How much is the service? Our regular service price per clean starts from £2.50, OAP from £2.25. If you require a one off service
this starts from £5.00 per bin. These prices are based on standard 240L household wheelie bins. We also offer a renewal payment
service. This covers 13 cleans, once every 4 weeks. Standard renewals start from £29.00 and OAP start from £26.40. Please see the
price / payment section for further information.

How can I pay? At present our payment options are cash or cheque. Once the bin has been cleaned, our operators will knock to
collect payment. If you are not in, they will post a bill through the door and in most areas will perform a night collection if possible. Many
of our customers choose to leave the cash in a safe place, if you wish to do this please contact us.
If you wish to pay by cheque, please contact us for the address for your area. We have two offices that provide administration services
for Mr Whoosh. We will shortly be introducing a direct debit scheme, we will advise customers once this is available.

How do I get in contact? You may contact us by mobile, email or by the contact form on this website.

Why has my bin not been cleaned? When a bin is missed, our operators are required to record why. This may be for a number of
reasons: the bin is full, not available, locked away, unbagged dog excrement, paint, access blocked to the street, roadwords etc. If
your bin has been missed and you are unsure why, please contact us for clarification. If you pay by renewal, any missed clean credit
will be rolled over. Credits are only used when the bin is cleaned.

You have cleaned the wrong bin - on rare occasions this may happen. When the bins are put back after emptying, they may be put
outside the wrong house. We kindly request that all customers, where possible, put a number on their bin to avoid this situation.

I have an arrangement with the council for them to collect my bin for emptying, can you follow this arrangement? If you are
physically unable to put your bin out for emptying or cleaning, or answer the door, please contact us. We will make a note on your
account so that our operators know they need to collect your bin from where it is stored, clean and return.
Tel: 01332 753415
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