Domestic Bins

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Est 1992
Mr Whoosh - domestic and commercial wheelie bin cleaning
Keeping your wheelie bin clean can be an unpleasant task. They can quickly get dirty, harbour bacteria and start to smell.
Our regular service assists with these issues, leaving your bin hygienically clean and smelling 'pear drops' fresh!  On
your bin emptying day we will call you to your property, clean and disinfect your bin and put it down the drive.

Regular cleaning service starts from £2.50 per clean, once every 4 weeks. OAP rates start from £2.25 per clean.
One off cleans are £5.00 per bin.

Standard renewals start from £29.00 per bin.
OAP renewals start from £26.40 per bin.
Discounts are offered for multiple bins at the same property.
Each renewal covers 13 cleans. Please note that our service is once every 4 weeks, not every month. Therefore when
you have paid for your renewal, you will have 13 cleans in your account (providing there is no debt owing), it does not
cover 13 months. Because of the months where there are 5 weeks, dependant on when your clean falls, you may have 2
cleans within a month. Your renewal date will therefore not necessarily fall in the exact same month each year.
Cleans are only taken from your account when the bin is cleaned. If the bin is not cleaned for any reason, the credit is
rolled over.
If you move house, providing we cover your new area, we will happily transfer the credits over. Please advise us as
soon as possible, so that we do not continue to clean at your old address.
Our operators will call for the renewal when there are 1 or no cleans left on the account. If you are not in, they will leave
a note to remind you that your renewal is due.

At present our payment options are cash or cheque. Once the bin has been cleaned, our operators will knock to collect payment. If you
are not in, they will post a bill through the door, and where possible will perform a night collection.
Many of our customers choose to leave the cash in a safe place, if you wish to do this, please contact us.
If you wish to pay by cheque, please contact us for our address, because of the wide are that we cover, we have two offices that
provide administration services for Mr Whoosh.
We will shortly be introducing a direct debit scheme, we will advise customers once this available.